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On your bike

We now have a secure indoor bicycle parking, where you can park your beloved sports bike. Get all your cycling friends together, and make your visit the opening ride of the season: travel to Bike MOTION Benelux by bike. During your visit, you can have your sports bike checked up as well.

(e)-MTB track (Hall 9 en 10)

Hardtail or full-suspension? SRAM or Shimano? 29 or 27.5 inch? MTB or e-MTB? If you are looking for a new MTB, there is a lot to choose from. At our spectacular indoor e-MTB track, you can try out the various bikes. Compare the test results and select your winner!

Exclusive (Hall 11)

Are you a true connoisseur? Then you really have to visit our Exclusive Plaza in Hall 11. Here, you can enjoy the most exclusive brands and marvel at the most amazing high-end bikes and unique products.

Personal Improvement Area (Hall 11)

Want to improve your cycling performance or are you training for a triathlon? Bike MOTION Benelux is the place to be. In the Personal Improvement Area, you can undergo a (benchmark) measurement, develop a training schedule together, get nutritional advice or do one of the other sports tests. All ways to help you achieve a new personal best! Do not forget to bring your cycling outfit. At Wattbike, you can take an FTP test throughout the day.

Urban Plaza (Hall 10)

The sports bike is becoming increasingly popular as a lifestyle product. You can see more and more people zipping through town on beautifully designed racing bikes, which we call 'fixies'. The Urban themed plaza focuses on this subculture, showcasing the hottest bike models in this field.


Could your bike use a bit of TLC? Come to Bike MOTION Benelux by bike and park it in the bike parking. Experts will take it along to the workshop for an MOT. After the check-up, you also get tips on how to make sure your bike will be as good as new.

Pleasure riders plaza (Hall 10)

What is more fun than getting on a bike and enjoying the countryside together? Would you like to go on a longer tour, but don't know where to start or having a hard time choosing a route? At the Pleasure Rides Plaza, you can find out more about the various tours in the Netherlands and abroad. Find the inspiration for your next challenge and sign up right away.

Ultimate racing bike test

To really test a racing bike to the max, you need a number of ingredients: long stretches of asphalt, sharp bends and wind. Take your racing bike out onto the open road at Bike MOTION Benelux, and experience what it is like to quickly change gears or come to a dead stop with disc brakes.

Fixed Gear Criterium

Are you familiar with Fixed Gear? This spectacular cycling discipline is quickly growing in popularity. Fixes Gear races are done on bikes which only have one gear and no brakes. Experience it live at Bike MOTION Benelux. There will be races throughout the day, and you can also try out a so-called 'fixie’ yourself. In short: lots of spectacle that you really don't want to miss!

Exclusief (Hal 11)

Een echte fijnproever? Kom dan even langs op het Exclusief Plein in Hal 11. Geniet van de meest exclusieve merken en verwonder je over de high-end fietsen en unieke producten die hier gepresenteerd worden.